The Future is not Singular!

We all know that one-dimensional forecast models are inappropriate to deal with risk. You now can easily transform your spreadsheets in three simple steps into predictive models that consider risks and offer an appropriate basis for decision-making in an uncertain environment.

Define Risks

Choose from more than 30 different probability distribution types and define an unlimited number of risk factors.

Perform Simulation

Run up to 1 million simulation cycles within seconds on your computer.

Analyse Results

Analyse results with histograms, sensitivity and tornado charts, statistical measures and get the full dataset for in-depth analysis.

Quantify Risks and Uncover Opportunities


What is the risk of missing a planned target? What are the chances to meet a forecast? What is the impact of an increase in costs on the overall result? These questions are often answerd by pure guessing.

With eniacSim, you easily can extend your existing Excel models with risk factors and transform them into sophisticated quantitative models. This will enable you to identify, quantify and analyse risks and uncover new opportunities in an uncertain environment.

Add Simulation to your Excel

eniacSim adds Monte Carlo Simulation to your Excel

Monte Carlo Simulation is a method based on repeated random sampling to obtain numerical results. By simulating many different scenarios in one model, the probabilities of the different occurrences are displayed graphically and can be easily analysed.

eniacSim is a powerful tool that adds Monte Carlo Simulation to your Excel models and that will give you better insights for decision-making in an increasingly uncertain world. The name of the tool pays tribute to the Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer (ENIAC), the first computer to perform a fully automated Monte Carlo calculation back in 1948.